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Private Shard

A Calimero Private Shard is a customizable sidechain built on top of NEAR Protocol. Private shards are independent networks and do not share validators, execution and state storage. NEAR Protocol is a blockchain that has been built from the ground up to be high-performant, incredibly secure, and infinitely scalable all while supporting sustainability and Calimero Shards share all the benefits.

Calimero shards support three main modes of operation:

  • Permissioned Private Calimero Shard owned by a single entity
  • Permissioned Private Calimero Shard owned by a consortium
  • Public Calimero Shard owned by a community

Calimero shards can support up to 200k transactions per second, but a standard one shard deployment has the throughput of 5k transactions per second.


Enhance your application by interoperating with open source protocols and applications, from DeFi to NFTs.

Move your assets between private shards and other public chains seamlessly.

Using Calimero you are benefiting from cross shard transactions which provide you with the ability to interact with other third parties on the public chain or other permissioned enterprise shards.

Hold and manage public assets. Smart contracts from private shards can call into public shard to interact with those applications Public smart contracts if setup can also call into private shard’s contracts (extended trust model, similar to Oracles)

Private shards can interact with each other over encrypted channel

Benefits of using a Private Shard

Interoperability between the private shard and public networks out of the box


Calimero shards may require validators to have certain properties depending on the use cases and applications running on top of the private shard. The hardware requirements are pretty flexible, but we recommend a minimum requirement for hardware which is: Number of nodes Number of RPC nodes Number of Indexers CPUs RAM Storage Specific use cases require larger amounts of CPU power, RAM or storage and the shards can be tailored to them.