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Return of unused assets

If user locks assets (FTs or NFTs) on the source chain connector and there is some kind of problem on the destination chain, or the automatic bridge service is experiencing downtime (which should happen extremely rarely, but in reality can happen) , bridging will not work. If asset is not bridged in the following 96 hours from the initial locking transaction, asset will no longer be eligible for bridging to the destination side.

Currently user with this problem should contact a shard admin. Admin should verify that asset can no longer be bridged and return assets to the original owner (user). Note that if the admin unlocks it before 4 days pass user will effectively get his assets two times since he can still prove that he locked assets (and bridge it to destination chain), and he will get locked assets on the source chain back as well.

Calimero team plans to implement automatic return of unused assets, when that is implemented there will be no need to contact shard admin for the return of assets.