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Calimero Portal

Calimero Portal is crafted to simplify various business operations, such as chatting, managing tasks, sharing documents, and creating forms. It achieves this by using the NEAR Protocol and the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) to offer users a safe and adaptable online platform. Our platform emphasizes giving you control, ensuring your privacy, and ensuring your full ownership of digital assets, all while adhering to the principles of the Open Web.

Calimero Portal supports open-source applications, enhances security, and features the Community Shard, all of which work together to usher in a new era of digital ownership and promote an engaging and inclusive online community.

Key features

Below are the features and functionalities of Calimero Portal

1. Privacy and Control

Calimero Portal prioritizes user privacy and control. Users have the ability to manage and maintain their private online space, ensuring that their personal data and digital activities remain under their control.

2. Open-Source Apps

The platform offers a diverse range of open-source applications, allowing users to tailor their online experience to their specific preferences. These applications are customizable and can be integrated seamlessly into the Calimero environment.

3. Enhanced Security

Calimero Portal places a strong emphasis on security. It incorporates advanced security features to safeguard user data and ensure a secure online experience.

4. True Ownership

Users on Calimero Portal enjoy true ownership of their digital assets. This means that they have full control over their digital property and are not subject to third-party restrictions.

5. Community Shard

The Community Shard feature within Calimero Portal is designed to support the development and utilization of BOS components and Open Web applications. It operates on the principles of collective ownership and inclusive accessibility.

6. Collective Ownership

Community Shards operate on a collective ownership model, where multiple entities or individuals share ownership and responsibility for maintaining them. This fosters collaboration and cooperation within the Calimero ecosystem.

7. Inclusive Accessibility

Community Shards are accessible to the public, promoting inclusivity and allowing a wide range of users to benefit from the features and applications hosted within them.

8. Decentralized Data Hosting

Companies can host data for their community shard applications. This decentralized approach enhances data integrity and reliability while distributing the responsibility for data hosting across the community.

9. Tailored Flexibility

Calimero Portal offers a high degree of customization to cater to diverse community needs. Users can tailor their experience to align with their specific requirements and preferences.

10. Seamless Data Migration

Users have the option to migrate their data from old shards to new ones with minimal disruption. This feature ensures a smooth transition when necessary.