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Getting Started with Calimero Portal

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and connecting your account to the Calimero Portal.



Ensure you have the following ready before you access the Calimero Portal :

  1. MyNearWallet: You should have a MyNearWallet, as it's the only compatible wallet during the beta phase.

  2. Access to Existing MyNearWallet Account: If you already have an account, ensure that you can access it.

  3. Recovery Method for MyNearWallet: Be prepared with your chosen account recovery method, which may be one of the following: email, phone, paraphrase, ledger, or private key.

Access the Calimero Portal

  • Open your browser and go to Calimero Portal.
  • Click on the Continue with Wallet button.

During our beta phase, the Calimero portal is exclusively compatible with MyNearWallet. We're actively working alongside our partners to incorporate email sign-in capabilities. Updates will be provided as new integrations are rolled out.

Wallet Selection

  • Choose the MyNearWallet from the sidebar.

Import Your Existing Account


If you already signed in to your MyNearWallet, you can skip this.

  • Select Import Existing Account
  • Create a new password
  • Select the account recovery method you've set up (options include email, phone, paraphrase, ledger, or private key) to import your account.

Near Social Login

  • Return to the Calimero Portal and click on Sign In > Continue with wallet > Select your signed wallet.

  • Then click Next to grant permission for the Calimero Dapp to access your NEAR account.

  • Click on Connect to sync your NEAR account to the Calimero Dapp to enable it to execute methods on the Calimero Dapp on behalf of your NEAR account.

Application Selection

Once connected, select the specific application you wish to sign into. For example, to sign up for the Calimero Chat, choose Chat from the dropdown menu and then click Join.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 00 30 41

Each application requires separate sign-in access. Signing in to one application does not grant access to all applications. If you want to access the Boards, you need to sign in separately.

Sync Your NEAR Account with the Calimero Private Shard

For the application you want to sign into,

  • Click Next to sync your NEAR account with the Calimero private shard. This action grants permissions and add a limited access key.
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 00 30 41

Then, click on Connect to enable the smart contract from the application you want to connect to call methods on behalf of your NEAR account.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 00 30 41

Example we have signed into the Calimero Chat

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 16 10 37

Subsequent logins to the application you signed up for earlier won't include this step.

Installing the Calimero Portal as a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) allows you to install the Calimero Portal on your device, providing you with a more seamless experience. This means you can access the portal without needing to open a browser every time.

For Mobile Devices:

  1. Open the Calimero Portal on your mobile device's browser
  2. On the browser options:
    • For Android (Chrome): Tap on the three vertical dots (menu) > select Install Appp.Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 08 02 50
    • For iOS (Safari): Tap the share icon at the bottom > select Add to Home Screen.
  3. You will see a prompt to add the application; confirm it.
  4. The Calimero Portal app icon will now appear on your device's home screen, allowing you to access it just like any other app.

For Desktop:

  1. Open Calimero Portal in Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots (menu) icon > select Install Calimero Portal.Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 08 02 50
  3. Confirm the installation when prompted.
  4. The Calimero Portal app will be added to your desktop and can be accessed directly from there.

Once the PWA is installed, it will provide a full-screen experience, fast load times, and offline capabilities. It's almost like having a native app on your device!