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Calimero Chat - Decentralized Chat


This is our beta release, and we are continuously adding new features to enhance your experience.

Calimero Chat is a versatile, decentralized chat application on the Open Web designed to enhance your communication experience. With features like image sharing, mentions, organized channels, and profile customization, you're in for a richer chat experience.

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Calimero Chat's interface is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring you can chat on the go with ease.

Setting Up Your Profile

Syncing Profile Picture with

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Upload or update your desired profile picture.
  3. Open Calimero Chat. Your profile picture will automatically be synced and displayed.
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Accessing and Managing Channels

  1. Open Calimero Chat.
  2. Look to the left side to find the Sidebar.
  3. In the sidebar, you will see a list of channels and direct conversations.
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Creating a New Channel:

  1. In the sidebar, click on the + header.
  2. An option to create a new channel will appear.
  3. Input your desired channel name
  4. Choose visibility and Read only to set permissions
  5. Click Create.
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Joining an Existing Channel:

  1. In the sidebar, find the channel you want to join.
  2. Once you find the channel, click on it.
  3. Click Join to become a part of the channel.

Conversations and Inviting Users

Starting a Direct Conversation:

  1. In the sidebar, click on the + icon or a similar initiating conversation icon.
  2. Search for the near wallet account name of the user with whom you want to start a conversation.
  3. Click on Next
  4. Click on their name to begin chatting.
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 14 36 20

Inviting Users to a Channel:

  1. Navigate to the channel where you want to invite users.
  2. Click on the seetting icon
  3. Select Add New Member
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 15 01 48
  1. Add the user wallet name
  2. click on an Invite icon or option.
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Sharing Images and Files in a Conversation

  1. Open a conversation or channel where you want to share an image or file.
  2. Click on the attachment icon (usually represented as a paperclip) next to the message input field.
  3. Choose either Upload an Image or Upload a File based on your requirement.
  4. Browse and select the image or file you want to share.
  5. Preview it (if there's a preview option) to ensure you've selected the correct file.
  6. Click the Send icon to share the image or file.
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Engaging with Communities

  1. In Calimero Chat, navigate to the Communities section in the sidebar.
  2. Browse through available communities.
  3. Click on a community to view its details and join discussions.
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  1. Optionally, look for options to create or lead your community if you have specific interests or expertise.
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