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Calimero Chat - Community Guidelines

We established Calimero Chat as a platform dedicated to fostering connections among individuals through shared experiences and offering a welcoming space for all.

Our Community Guidelines serve as the foundation for creating a respectful and inclusive environment, prioritizing the well-being of our users.

These guidelines outline what behavior is not permitted on Calimero Chat. Every user on our platform is expected to adhere to these rules, which apply across all aspects of our service, including user-generated content, conduct, chat rooms, and applications.

Our Trust & Safety team actively reviews reports from users, moderators, and trusted reporters. When someone violates these guidelines, we may take various enforcement actions, including issuing warnings, removing content, suspending or banning accounts and/or chat rooms responsible, and, if necessary, involving law enforcement. We may also consider incidents of off-platform behavior when assessing potential violations of these Community Guidelines.

If you come across a user, message, or chat room that appears to breach these guidelines, please report it to us.

Respect for everyone!

  • No Harassment: We prohibit any form of harassment, such as sustained bullying, evasion of bans or blocks, doxxing, or organizing channel invasions to harass members (e.g., channel raiding).

  • No Hate Speech: Hate speech or hateful conduct, including the use of hate symbols and denial of historical atrocities, is strictly forbidden. Hate speech is defined as any expression attacking or promoting hatred or violence against individuals based on their protected characteristics.

  • No Threats: Threats of harm towards individuals or groups, whether direct, indirect, or implied, are not tolerated.

  • No Violent Extremism: We do not support or allow the promotion of violent extremism, glorification of violent events, or perpetrators of violent acts. Additionally, the spread of conspiracy theories that may incite violence is prohibited.

  • No Child Sexual Abuse: Content depicting, promoting, or attempting to normalize child sexual abuse, as well as content sexualizing children, is strictly prohibited. This includes real and manipulated media, animations (e.g., lolicon), and digital creations.

  • Teen Safety: If you are under 18 years old, refrain from engaging in sexual or risky conduct, including encouraging potentially hazardous behaviors.

  • No Grooming: Soliciting sexual content from or engaging in grooming with individuals under 18 is forbidden.

  • Privacy and Consent: Sharing sexually explicit or sexually suggestive content of others without their consent, also known as 'revenge porn,' is strictly prohibited.

  • Self-Harm and Suicide: Content that glorifies, promotes, or normalizes self-harm or suicide, including manipulation or coercion through self-harm threats, is not allowed.

  • Gore and Violence: Posting real media depicting excessive violence, gore, or harm to animals, especially with the intent to harass or shock others, is against our guidelines.

Honesty and Integrity

  • No Misinformation: Do not share false or misleading information.

  • No Deceptive Identity: Refrain from deceptive or harmful misrepresentation of your identity on Calimero Chat.

  • Security: Do not engage in activities that could compromise the security of an account, network, or system.

  • No Financial Scams: Promoting, coordinating, or participating in financial scams is strictly prohibited.

  • No Fraudulent Activities: Facilitating or participating in fraudulent activities is not allowed.

Respect for Calimero Chat

  • No Spam: Sending unsolicited bulk messages (spam) or facilitating spam-related activities is against our guidelines.

  • No Server Manipulation: Do not sell or purchase methods to artificially inflate server membership.

  • No Illegal Activities: Organizing, promoting, or engaging in illegal behavior is prohibited.

  • No Evasion of Enforcement Actions: Do not attempt to evade enforcement actions.

  • Honest Reporting: Do not mislead Calimero Chat's support teams or make false or malicious reports.

If you encounter any activity that violates these guidelines or our Terms of Service, please report it to us. These guidelines will continue to evolve as needed. We are committed to notifying you of updates, but we rely on you to uphold the spirit of these guidelines and help keep Calimero Chat a safe and inclusive community for all. Thank you for your cooperation.