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Using the NEAR CLI

Calimero works with all the NEAR tooling including the NEAR CLI.

You can install the NEAR CLI using:

npm install -g near-cli

All methods from NEAR CLI are compatible with Calimero Private Shards and the documentation can be found on the official NEAR docs:

To use NEAR CLI with Calimero SDK you will need to:

  • generate an Authentication token on the Security page inside the Calimero Console
  • set the custom RPC endpoint for the CLI tool to use from your Dashboard
  • set the API token for the CLI to use

In case you are using a mainnet private shard, set the NEAR_CLI_MAINNET_RPC_SERVER_URL environment variable. On the other hand, for testnet use the NEAR_CLI_TESTNET_RPC_SERVER_URL environment variable instead.

Mainet Example :

export NEAR_CLI_MAINNET_RPC_SERVER_URL=<put_your_rpc_server_url_here>
near set-api-key $NEAR_CLI_MAINNER_RPC_SERVER_URL <api-key>

Testnet Example :

export NEAR_CLI_TESTNET_RPC_SERVER_URL=<put_your_rpc_server_url_here>
near set-api-key $NEAR_CLI_TESTNET_RPC_SERVER_URL <api-key>