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Fetch data from the Indexer


Access to the Calimero console running a private shard.


Create a new shard token

Generate a new token in the calimero security dashboard.

Fetching data

Method: POST

Url: ({{shardId}}/indexer-graphql/graphql)

Headers: Any request to the indexer endpoint must include an authorization header. The value is the token generated in the previous step.

Body: A GraphQL query


    "query": "query getAccountType($accountId: String!){\n    allActionReceiptActions(\n      condition: {actionKind: DEPLOY_CONTRACT, receiptPredecessorAccountId: $accountId}\n      orderBy: RECEIPT_INCLUDED_IN_BLOCK_TIMESTAMP_DESC\n      first: 1\n    ) {\n      totalCount\n    }\n  }",
"accountId": "{{shardId}}.calimero"
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